AnDAPT Reviews: Making Power Truly Adaptable

For design engineers, a new project can mean changes on several levels including system specifications, architecture, processors, software and shrinking deadlines. And if you think that’s all, we are forgetting one of the most critical aspects of a hardware engineering project… the power supply.

As in the above story, power supply design is almost always an after-thought. With ever-evolving feature sets, fluid designs, and tight design-cycles, most times engineers can get by reusing an older reference design and getting by with minimal testing and avoiding hassle. But more often than not this approach can potentially result into either the power supply being an overkill and most often than not, not being-enough. In the both such cases the system design can and has to be improved from both efficiency, performance, and cost standpoint.

What if there was a way to scale power supply, both up or down, without having to redesign, revalidate and as a result spending weeks in board respins and ultimately pushing design deadlines as a result?

Introducing AnDAPT, whose programmable analog + digital fabric PMIC (Power Management IC) is designed precisely to avoid the listed mistakes.

That’s how easy it is to design/tweak a power supply from scratch

AnDAPT’s AmP PMIC affords designers leaving the power part to be the last thing considered. The technology allows one to design and redesign and redesign some more within minutes. What’s even more exciting is that a single 5x5 IC can serve as many as 12 power rails, delivering anywhere from a few mA to 10 A using internal FETs, and up to 70 A with external power stages.

The AmP IC packs a big punch in a small 5x5 package

Salient features include-

Instant stability analysis and compensator tuning using WebAmp

With exciting feature-sets, we also offer reference designs here for popular FPGAs and processors which you can use as-is. This library of designs is also constantly being developed and upgraded by our engineers.

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