AnDAPT Reviews: Making Power Truly Adaptable

That’s how easy it is to design/tweak a power supply from scratch
The AmP IC packs a big punch in a small 5x5 package
  • Adapt your designs within minutes to your evolving power needs
  • Unparalleled consolidation of power rails
  • All digital control, no need of soldering external components to design a compensation network using our intuitive software, WebAmP (see image below)
  • BoM (Bill of Materials) reduction, board space saving and reduced costs
  • Avoid redesigning/retesting or expensive board spins
  • Inbuilt power components include DCDC Buck converters/LDOs/Load switches/single-phase and two-phase DrMOS controllers, sequencers, digital logic, analog references, reset generators and so much more!!
  • Our intuitive GUI enables ease of configuration, access, and expedites designing custom PMIC like never before
Instant stability analysis and compensator tuning using WebAmp




What’s new at AnDAPT?!!

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Ajit Narwal

Ajit Narwal

What’s new at AnDAPT?!!

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