AnDAPT Partners with Xilinx and Avnet to Power FPGAs

3 min readOct 7, 2022


In midst of the pandemic, chip shortages, and supply chain issues, AnDAPT team has taken major strides in gaining industry-acceptance through the one and only proven way… By delivering high quality products which solve customer problems. Staying true to it’s roots, two vital partnerships were inked in quick succession-


A year-long strategy of positioning AnDAPT as experts in powering FPGAs and SoCs bore fruit when AnDAPT inked a distribution agreement to promote power management ICs to FPGA customers. Avnet is a century old global leader in providing electronics components and solutions distribution.

“AnDAPT’s programmable PMICs have a potential to be a game changer for the industry much like programmable logic devices (PLDs) and FPGAs integrated discrete logic components,” said Alex Iuorio, senior vice president, Business Development, Avnet. “AnDAPT’s programmable PMICs will provide Avnet customers with similar benefits as PLDs/FPGAs such as increased design flexibility and configurability, reduced part count and board space, and quicker time to market.”

The primary value propositions which propelled the strategic partnership is that AnDAPT offers highly integrated and programmable PMIC products specializing in powering FPGAs and SoCs. These off-the-shelf products offer ease-of-use, flexibility, high performance, and simplified inventory since only one silicon chip is used to program different power products. FPGAs and SoCs can often require anywhere from four to twenty (or more) different DC power levels. AnDAPT’s portfolio is uniquely positioned to address diverse power requirements using one PMIC. These proven hardware solutions meet disparate FPGA power requirements by providing power rails with specific voltage levels, sequencing, and performance required by designers to power their complex designs.

The agreement couldn’t have been more timely, with AnDAPT becoming an official design and power partner with the world’s largest FPGA provider, Xilinx.


“Our FPGAs and adaptive SoCs have advanced power management features, which require a high level of detailed engineering when working towards integration,” said Manuel Uhm, director of product marketing, Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group, AMD. “We welcome AnDAPT’s off-the-shelf products to our ecosystem to help simplify power sequencing and power management.”

What this means for power management engineers is that they can now download AnDAPT’s hardware-verified designs from Xilinx Power Delivery Solutions page or from AnDAPT’s PMIC Solutions page, or using its proprietary software WebAmP R.D., and choose between minimum-rails or full power management or other options depending on system requirements. The power designs have been specially built and tested to meet Xilinx voltage, current, ripple, transient, and sequencing specifications. Lab data, solution area, BoM, datasheets, and design files are made available by AnDAPT to boost customer design process.

Moving Forward…

AnDAPT is adding more products to it’s existing portfolio of power products for AMD Xilinx, Intel Altera, and Microchip FPGAs. revolutionizing power management for FPGAs. Watch out this space for more news and articles.




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